JOGOJOGO Odyssey Game and Task Guide

JOGOJOGO Odyssey Game and Task Guide

JogoJogo is an AI-driven opinion trading platform where everyone’s opinion is rewarded. We are now live on the Sonic Testnet Odyssey campaign. Complete tasks within the JogoJogo game and earn exclusive additional rewards.🏆
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1. Getting Ready


1.1 Install Backpack or Nightly Wallet

  1. Add the Backpack/Nightly Wallet to the Chrome extension.
  1. Register the Backpack/Nightly Wallet.
  1. Set up the Backpack/Nightly Wallet.

1.2 Settings → Solana → RPC Connection → Custom (

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2. Getting into the Platform

2.1 Register and Log In

2.1.1 Email Registration

  1. Enter your email, password, and invitation code (can use SOSONIC if you don’t have one).
  1. Bind your wallet.
  1. Receive test tokens.
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2.1.2 Wallet Registration

  1. Enter the invitation/referral code (can use SOSONIC if you don’t have one)).
  1. Select the wallet.
  1. You will be automatically logged-in after registration.
  1. Receive test tokens.
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2.2 Create or Join a Club

2.2.1 Create a Club

  1. Click ‘Create,’ then fill all the information needed, and create a club.
  1. Click ‘Manage’ to fund the club.
  1. You can place wagers under the club you created, and invite your friends to do so too!
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2.2.2 Join a Club

  1. Click on the club you’re interested in to see more details about the club itself, then click the ‘Join’ button to join and place your wagers.
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2.3 Place Wagers

  1. Place your wager anywhere you want!
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2.4 Check Results

  1. After each match ends, check your profit status on the wallet balance page.
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2.5 On-chain transaction

During your playing JOGOJOGO, the following actions will be considered as on-chain transactions on Sonic testnet:
  • Creating a new club.
  • Place wagers on any existing club.
You can always check the total transaction count on the Odyssey page:

3. Invite Friends

Invite your friends to experience JOGO first hand by sending them an invitation code!
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4. Support

If you have any problems or questions while experiencing our platform, please kindly join our Discord, and we’ll be very happy to help you!
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